Refund Policy

At Magnarevo, we strive to deliver high-quality services to our clients. We understand that there might be situations where a refund is necessary. Our refund policy is designed to be clear and fair, ensuring satisfaction and transparency for all parties involved.

Eligibility for Refunds:
Refunds are considered only for the initial payments made for website design, development, and SEO services. No refunds will be provided for any subsequent or recurring payments.

Request for Refund:
Clients must submit a formal refund request within 30 days of the initial payment. The request should be sent to our support team at with detailed reasons for the refund claim.

Evaluation Process:
Upon receiving a refund request, our team will review the reasons provided and evaluate the work delivered up to that point. We may request additional information or documentation to process the claim effectively.

Partial Refunds:
In cases where partial work has been completed, we may offer a partial refund. The refund amount will be calculated based on the work completed, resources invested, and the remaining scope of work.

Non-Refundable Services:
Certain services, including but not limited to third-party software, domain registrations, and hosting services, are non-refundable. Any costs incurred for such services will be deducted from the refund amount.

For any queries or assistance regarding our refund policy, please contact our support team at

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