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Nirvana Lights is a prominent New Age LED light manufacturer in India, renowned for its elegant and contemporary lighting designs. Drawing inspiration from the latest aesthetics, they offer both stunning individual designs and comprehensive lighting solutions to meet diverse needs. As a leader in the Indian LED lighting industry, Nirvana Lights stands out for its unparalleled quality and distinctive designs. Entrusted with brilliance, they illuminate spaces with the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Project Challenge

When Magnarevo took over Nirvana Lighting’s SEO project, we were met with a host of challenges from the get-go. Our audit revealed that the previous agency not only had failed to optimize the website but had gone to the extent of blocking the entire site. This left Nirvana Lighting virtually invisible on search engines. We quickly recognized the need to rebuild and optimize from the ground up. The stakes were high – not only did we need to rectify the issues created by the previous agency but also lay a robust foundation for future SEO strategies. The challenge was twofold: restoring online visibility and ensuring that the website was fully optimized to capture and engage its target audience.

Magnarevo Approach

Understanding the client’s unique needs is always paramount at Magnarevo. We commenced our partnership with Nirvana Lighting by first clearly identifying their business goals. Recognizing their aim to cater specifically to architects, retailers, and distributors, we tailored our SEO campaign to resonate with these target groups.

The foundation of a successful SEO strategy is often in the keyword selection. By aligning our keyword choices with Nirvana Lighting’s objectives, we ensured that the website would attract the exact audience they sought. This precision approach not only promised better visibility but also a more engaged and relevant audience, setting the stage for effective conversions and robust business growth.

The Impact

In just a year’s time, the results of our tailored SEO approach for Nirvana Lighting were strikingly evident. From a starting point where their web traffic was virtually nonexistent due to the issues from the previous agency, we were able to catapult their online visibility, drawing in a robust 2,600 visitors monthly.

But more than just sheer traffic, the quality of these visitors was clear. The focused approach resulted in increased engagement and a tangible conversion rate. Today, Nirvana Lighting receives around 10 inquiries daily through their website, indicating not only a surge in quantity but a consistent stream of potential business opportunities, all thanks to the strategic SEO groundwork laid by Magnarevo.

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